Carmix / Metalgalante

With over 40 years of experience, Metalgalante S.p.A is the only company specialized in manufacturing 4×4 Self-Loading Mixers and Off-Road Dumpers. Thanks to its top performance, great innovation, high reliability and best components selected, CARMIX is now successfully at work in over 150 different countries spread in the 5 continents where is synonymous itself of “4X4 Self-Loading Mixer”. This unique equipment can be easily described as a “Self-independent mobile batching plant” that it loads (and weight) itself all the materials (water included), mixes and delivers concrete WHEREVER AND WHENEVER REQUIRED. Thanks to its high reliability & versatility CARMIX is selected for any kind of job-site: residential, industrial areas, hotel and resorts, low cost housing, road maintenance, dams, tunnels and remote areas.


Country: Italy



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